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Java CPP

A full implementation of the C preprocessor in Java.

Java Perfect Hash Generator (JPerf)

A perfect hash generator for Java.


A filesystem driver for the LynxOS native filesystem.


An object oriented interface to the Sender Rewriting Scheme of SPF.


A full implementation of the C preprocessor in Perl/XS. It borrows much from gcc.

Anarres II MUD

Anarres II is a scratch written, fully featured LPC mudlib. It has been in development since about 1997, and as of the date of this writing (January 2002), is about 121,000 lines of source code. To find out more, log in and join the community. Who knows, you might even like us!


There has been much talk in Infobot circles about porting Infobot to POE. Well, one boring night a long time ago, I did the port, calling the new project Amethyst. However, I neglected to tell anyone about it. This is to rectify that omission. I do not actively maintain the source code, nor does it completely replace the old Infobot. It is considerably more powerful, having a soft routed core, allowing messages from arbitrary connections to take almost arbitrary paths through the many processing cores in the bot. This means that it can emulate many bots simultaneously on multiple connections. Of course you can meet the original Amethyst by logging in to Anarres II and talking to her.


gpprog is a fast and reliable PIC16F84 programmer. It is designed for speed, reliability and low wear on the PIC flash cells. A programmer schematic is available.


The "smart alec fortune program" is back, and it has fortune cookie files with it.

Unmaintained Projects


Anarres::Mud::Driver is an experimental compiler for LPC written in Perl. As of version 0.02, it can construct a suitable parse tree and generate Perl code from simple LPC. This project is under development and is not yet recommended for those not wishing to become contributors to the project. The source code is available for download and may be of interest to those familiar with or curious about the construction of compilers.

The AlexFS source code

The Alex Filesystem is a filesystem that lets users access files in FTP sites around the world just like they access local files. (e.g. /mnt/alex/edu/cmu/cs/ftp/pub would contain ftp://ftp.cs.cmu.edu/pub/). I did not write this project. However, someone asked me they could get the source code, and after discovering that the original server alex.sp.cs.cmu.edu was down, I managed to find only one other copy on an FTP server. I have mirrored it for posterity. Perhaps one day I'll maintain it a bit. If you think this sounds like a good idea, drop me a mail.


Chimera might be a revolutionary cryptographic protocol. This implementation is one step on the way to finding out. Edit: It isn't, someone found a bug, so this is now merely a curiosity.


The I3D is a small program written a long time ago in C to connect to the Intermud 3 router and display channel messages. It has been long obsoleted by the networking capabilities in the Anarres II MUD library.


Have you ever been annoyed by a web server which tries to send you a cookie with every file you request? After you decline the cookie once, shouldn't it get the hint? Do you run such a server? Then mod_atrack could be the Apache module for you.


Websuite is a small suite of C programs for high performance web applications. I no longer develop them, and I do not run them on this web site. However, I will make the source code available.