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I wrote a MUD. This isn't it. The MUD just got me interested. The MUD is probably linked from my home page.

I like objects. I like objects in C. Don't tell me I'm mad, a lot of people do that already. Maybe you're one of them. Maybe I'll mellow out.

This is what I call real object oriented programming.

This program connects to the intermud-3 router and allows you to interact with the I3 protocols vaguely documented at CIE or intermud.org. When I first booted it, I was the only C 'MUD' on the intermud. But it's not really a MUD.

If it segfaults please tell me. If it dosen't compile, feel happy in that it compiles on my system. Also the system I wrote this on is very weird, and has odds and ends of mixed compilers installed on it since 1992. It won't compile out of the box on Solaris. Nothing ever does.

Future development

Add more protocol plugins. It's a plugin system, I should be able to plug in IRC, stdio and other protocol handlers to make it work as an actual I3 client gateway. It's still very scratchy.

Allow things like AI and custom code to interact with the I3 streams. This daemon can gate various resources onto the MUD network.

Develop a router-handler as well as a client-handler.

Get it to read config files and all the other gubbins usually expected of a program.

Complete protocol handling and expand the protocol to handle ping and other useful requests.


Most of these will go away when I get clients and config files sorted out. My primary aim was to get it to boot.


You don't want the old versions. The top version is newest.