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Amethyst is now a fairly full rewrite of Infobot. Most of the code has been written from scratch, although I will admit to lifting a regex here and there.


Amethyst has hit CPAN with version number 1.00. Hopefully this will make installation a lot easier and will solve the problem some people had with dependencies. She has also been updated to the latest version of POE; I know some people had trouble because of API changes in POE. Loading of brains and Infobot modules has been made optional so she should run without the majority of the dependencies.


The future

Some of the parsing will improve with time. More store abstractions will be added, along with an internal abstraction for factoids. More and better modules, more brains. People have mentioned the possibility of playing games like "hunt the wumpus" with the bot. (If this was you, ask me for the credits, I can't remember) Perhaps a Makefile.PL and all the rest. A proper config file parser (perhaps like CPAN?).


Perl. A whole slew of Perl modules.