About Me

If you don't want $PERSON to know it, don't put it on the internet. With that in mind, I offer a brief profile.

Technical Projects

I have a number of technical projects.

I co-developed (August, 2004) libspf2, an implementation of the SPF protocol, which eventually became RFC4408. I was the designer and primary implementor of SRS, the sister protocol for rewriting addresses.

Many years ago, I wrote Anarres II LPMud, an experimental MUD library. I am developing a new compiler and runtime for the A2 library. It is designed to be fully backwards compatible with my existing code, also largely backwards compatible with MudOS, but remove bugs, use a better virtual machine and introduce features such as native methods and stricter typechecking. (Note that the AMD engine failed due to the unsuitability of the target VM.)

This Website

... is, like vast swathes of the internet, in dire need of an update.