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I am a specialist in access control mechanisms. I am interested in computability and decidability, algorithmic design and security systems. I am interested in many other subjects, including language design and implementation, machine learning and artificial intelligence. I research the classification and analysis of access control mechanisms to a point where it is possible to identify almost immediately any mechanism, classify it and list the vulnerabilities inherent in the design. I rather enjoy doing this, and it only occasionally gets me into trouble. I am an experienced network and systems administrator and have many years of commercial experience.


I fence epee, and train in almost every country I visit. I started in 2000, and in 2006 I switched from pistol-grip to pommelling, the rarer of the two styles. When time permits, I make clothing and jewellery (and more recently, furniture). I enjoy making bespoke items for other people, so feel free to ask me. I am also an audio engineer, specialising in small, high quality reproduction for DJ gigs and bands. I use a portable system based primarily on Soundcraft digital, Mackie and AKG equipment.